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Homilies offering reflections on the experience of Lourdes

June is the month when the Limerick Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes takes place. As anyone who has been on the pilgrimage will tell you, it is a wonderful experience of prayer, community and fun! 


Do whatever he tells you

A homily addressed mainly to pilgrimage directors.
For many of us, these few days here in February have a tranquillity that we do not easily find
during our summer pilgrimages. 


Building the Church

Homily for the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes, Limerick.
One of the things that Our Lady asked St Bernadette in Lourdes was to arrange that a church
would be built and to ask people to come in procession. 


Freedom to accept Gods plan

Both of our readings speak of the offer of a sign from God; both of them promise that a son will be born. But, in reality, the two events could not have been more different.