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In the gospel for today, we read the story of the rising of Lazarus from the dead.

He calls him forth from the dark tomb into the light. We hear Jesus saying “unbind him let him go free. We notice Jesus doesn’t unbind him, he entrusted that to others, to his family and friends.

Today, Jesus has entrusted that task to us. Perhaps we could ask ourselves this question; who can I help to unbind today so that they may be free. Free of fear and anxiety especially during these days of the Covid19 pandemic. In our love and friendship for one another, we are constantly unbinding each other. While we may be physically distant from one another during these days, let us not be spiritually distant from each other. Our love, friendship and prayers know no boundaries, they are not entombed.

The task of helping to unbind each other can still happen at a distance, it just takes imagination! How imaginative will we be today to ensure the task Jesus has entrusted to us gets done? Who will we unbind today so that they may be free and come into the light?