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20 young people from across the Limerick Diocese have been working hard to put together this video so that we can still pray the Stations of the Cross together on Good Friday. Each station was taken by a different young person who sat with the station and then wrote a reflective piece in response. 

For over 40 years Muintearas Íosa have invited young people to gather at Easter. At these gatherings we play games, have quizzes, sing songs and most importantly we talk, we connect and we pray.

This year we are still going to be together even though we are apart. The young people have included poems, reflections and prayers that they came across and the result is this video which is rich in compassion, hope and love.

If you would like to follow the text for the Stations of the cross in this video you can download them here 

Apologies for any editing issues – that is entirely my fault as I only recently figured out how to do this! The most important thing about this video however is the spirit of these young people who put so much time and energy into creating something that might help us to connect with each other and with our faith this Easter time.

Many of those involved in this project are in the middle of leaving cert preparation and are struggling with the uncertainty and anxiety that comes from trying to stay motivated while not knowing what lies ahead. As one young person, I spoke to this week said: “It’s like we are running a race but we can’t see the finish line.” I ask you to pray for them and all exam students, in schools or college, because not one of them thought to pray for themselves in this video. The prayers they wrote are all directed towards the most vulnerable and needy among us as well as their families and friends. I commend them for their generosity, humility and kindness. Please feel free to leave a comment of encouragement for them!

We hope you enjoy this video and we hope you and your family will stay safe and stay home this Easter.

Thank you - Aoife Walsh