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Weekly Connect From: Dermot Cowhey dermot.cowhey@limerickdiocese.org

25th April, 2022:

Dear Chaplains/RE Teachers,

Speaking as he presented 50 John Paul II Awards to young people from across Limerick, Bishop Brendan Leahy said that the young people stepped up during COVID to support others and this was particularly encouraging.

Bishop Leahy spoke of the valuable work done by the young people of the Diocese of Limerick. He said, “I was delighted to be able to present these John Paul II Awards to such inspirational young people.  The work they have been doing in their local areas is tremendous and brings such richness to their parishes, their local communities and to themselves.  For many there is a realisation that young people have a significant role to play in the Church, this gives me great hope for the future.”

The John Paul II medals were presented by Bishop Leahy at a recent event in Scoil Pól in Kilfinane, and were the first since the outbreak of COVID. The award programme, which is sponsored by the Knights of Saint Columbanus, is coordinated by the pastoral outreach team in the Limerick Diocesan Centre. Details from me!

The Pope's Monthly Intentions for April/May, 2022:

April: For health care workers …

We pray for health care workers who serve the sick and the elderly, especially in the poorest countries; may they be adequately supported by governments and local communities.

May: For faith-filled young people …

We pray for all young people, called to live life to the fullest; may they see in Mary’s life the way to listen, the depth of discernment, the courage that faith generated and the dedication to service.


To watch the Pope Video - https://youtu.be/aJpxgGQywX8

Thought for the Day: We publish a thought for the day every morning at 7am on the Diocesan Facebook page.

‘God does not need your good works but your neighbour does.’ (Dr. Martin Luther King)


Liturgical Calendar

24th April: Second Sunday of Easter

29th April:Catherine of Sienna

1st May: Month of Mary the Mother of our Lord / Mí na Maighdine Muire

1st May: Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker / Naomh Iosef, Oibrí

3rd May: Feast of Saint Philip and James, Apostles / Naomh Philib agus Naomh Séamus, Aspail

5th May: Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice / Naomh Iognáid Rís Beannaithe

School Chaplains Association of Ireland: I attach information about two programs that may be of interest to chaplains. One is a week long retreat through the Mercy Centre in Baggott Street Dublin (Attachment 1) and the other is a Diploma in Youth Ministry in Saint Patrick's College in Maynooth (Attachment 2) which may be of interest in terms on ongoing CPD for Chaplains. 

I also attach a little booklet (Attachment 3) in PDF from written by young people for young people who are experiencing grief. It was an initiative taken by St Francis Hospice in Dublin and has been recommended as really useful when dealing with young people experiencing loss. Physical copies of this booklet can be ordered for free through the hospice shop, https://www.sfh.ie/online-shop and it has been found to be something helpful to give to young people who have been bereaved. Thanks to the School Chaplains Association of Ireland for generously sharing.

Prayer Spaces: From Colette O’Doherty in Ferns … ‘Definitely worth checking out Prayer Spaces Website that is laden with wonderful ideas and resources to assist you in organising themed prayer spaces.  The Lesson Plans are all prepared and link in with liturgical events as well as events in the world.  Worth keeping an eye on.  You can find it here: https://prayerspacesinschools.com/product-category/prayer-activity/

Attachments –

  1. Spiritual Directors’ Retreat Poster
  2. Diploma in Youth Ministry and Spirituality
  3. St. Francis Hospice Grief Booklet for Young People
  4. Exam prayers for Young People
  5. Bishop Brendan’s Easter Message for Young People
  6. Attachment containing the usual links and resources. If you can add to this list, please forward all information to me.

If you are accessing this from the diocese website and would like to have these resources, please email dermot.cowhey@limerickdiocese.org

To conclude …

As we look to our final term, we pause to consider that God is often found in the ordinary …

Green, blue, yellow and red –
God is down in the swamps and marshes
Sensational as April and almost incredible the flowering of our catharsis.
A humble scene in a backward place
Where no one important ever looked
The raving flowers looked up in the face
Of the One and the Endless, the Mind that has baulked
The profoundest of mortals. A primrose, a violet,
A violent wild iris – but mostly anonymous performers
Yet an important occasion as the Muse at her toilet
Prepared to inform the local farmers
That beautiful, beautiful, beautiful God
Was breathing His love by a cut-away bog. (‘The One’ Patrick Kavanagh)

Dermot Cowhey

Diocesan Advisor (Post Primary)


085 8623904