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Weekly Connect From: Dermot Cowhey dermot.cowhey@limerickdiocese.org

26th September, 2022:

Dear Chaplains/RE Teachers,

Clips inspired by yesterday’s Sunday's Gospel on helping the poor: 

Yesterday was World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees, an annual event in the Catholic Church, established in 1914, as World War I began to generate a refugee crisis in Europe.  Today there are 100 million refugees worldwide (including 4 million from Ukraine), all forced to flee their homes due to war, oppression and the effects of man-made climate change. 

The 2022 video for this day of prayer is at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V6ZFffND8o - It points to the blessings that migrants and refugees bring to their new homeland. Thanks to Fr. Gerard Condon, Director, Office for Mission and Ministry, Diocese of Cloyne for generously sharing these links.

The Pope's Monthly Intentions for September, 2022:

September: For the abolition of the death penalty …

We pray that the death penalty, which attacks the dignity of the human person, may be legally abolished in every country.

The Pope's Monthly Intentions for October, 2022:

A Church Open to Everyone …

We pray for the Church; ever faithful to, and courageous in preaching the Gospel, may the Church be a community of solidarity, fraternity and welcome, always living in an atmosphere of synodality.


To watch the Pope Video - https://youtu.be/aJpxgGQywX8

Thought for the Day:

‘When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms.’


Liturgical Calendar: September, 2022

Season of Creation 2022 :  September 1st to October 4th

September 27th Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul / Féile Naomh Uinseann de Pól

September 29th International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

September 29th Feast of the Archangels / Féile na nArdaingeal

Season of Creation 2022 :  September 1st to October 4th

In this Season of Creation, this symbol of God’s Spirit calls us to listen to the voice of creation, to the voices of those who suffer the impacts of climate change, to the voices of those who hold generational wisdom about how to live gratefully within the limits of the land. These are voices of the Earth. The global Christian family is called to awaken to the urgent need to heal our relationships with creation and with each other and to encourage our parish communities to do the same, “for we know that things can change!” (Laudato Si’, 13).  

The diocese is organising the following:

  • On Monday 26th September (7:30pm to 8:30pm), Tonight! Bishop Brendan, Sr Betty Baker, Fr Chris O’Donnell along with the pastoral outreach and youth ministry teams will offer an opportunity for prayer and reflection on Facebook Live on the Season of Creation.  You are most welcome to join the session by clicking on our Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/dioceseoflimerick just before 7:30pm on the 26th.  You do not need to have a Facebook page to access this prayer service, our Facebook page is open to people who do not have a Facebook account.  Please spread the word to others who might like to participate.
  • On Saturday 8th October Dr Niamh Brennan (10am to 1:30pm) will deliver a reflective workshop on this year’s Season of Creation theme “Listening to the Voice of Creation” at the Don Bosco Centre, Milford, followed by outdoor prayer/reflection (weather permitting!) at the LCM Infinity Woodland Pathway adjacent to Milford Care Centre.  Places will be limited so please book your place here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VoiceOfCreation.  A €10 contribution requested for this workshop.

Laudato Si Powerpoint attached.  This beautiful spell of weather, in the "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" is an opportune time to reflect on the Church's teaching on the care of the environment. See attachment 2.

The closing prayer of Laudato Si could be your class prayer i these days: https://cafod.org.uk/Pray/Prayer-resources/Prayer-for-our-earth

Once again, thanks to Fr. Gerard Condon, Director, Office for Mission and Ministry, Diocese of Cloyne for generously sharing this ppt.

Corda: Please see attached from Sister Mara Rose regarding some information about a group that the sisters run for secondary age girls? It's called Corda. Basically, it's an opportunity for young women to have fun and fellowship while growing in their faith together. 

Sister Mara Rose has attached a little flyer (Attachment 1). All welcome and please feel free to pass on to any you may consider interested.

Vocations Retreat. The Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia, Limerick are hosting a ‘Come and See Retreat’ for those who wish to explore religious life. This will run from 14th to 16th October, 2022. For more information and registration details, please see Attachment  3.

‘Of Saints and Seekers’ – Book Publication. In ‘Of Limerick’s Saints and Seekers’ we journey through a millennium and a half of Limerick history with scholars and scribes, poets and preachers, martyrs and missionaries and founders of churches and religious communities. Drawing from early Ireland to present day, this collection of stories details the lives of extraordinary people from a variety of faith traditions and perspectives from well-known saints to unknown and unsung religious and lay people. With fascinating contributions from modern day people of Limerick, this book illuminates the diverse richness of Limerick’s story by highlighting the saints and seekers who have shaped its history.

This new publication from Veritas is edited by David Bracken, Limerick Diocesan Archivist, who is rooted in the heart of Limerick. The volume is available for special price of €20 through the diocesan office. Please contact David Bracken at david.bracken@limerickdiocese.org or at 087-2247701

School Chaplains Association (SCA)

Membership for the association for the academic year 22/23 is now open and you can also  pre-register for conference also by completing the forms online on the SCA website https://www.schoolchaplaincy.ie/ or alternatively you can complete the forms manually and send them to Shona Kileen Heywood  Shona Killeen, Heywood Community School, Ballinakill, Co. Laois R32 FE04. Payments can be made by cheque made to the School Chaplains Association or electronically by bank transfer all details are on the website. 

NCCA’s Consultation on SPHE

As you may know, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) is currently engaged in a consultation process on an updated Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum. The proposed new curriculum will incorporate Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE). This is for the junior cycle, i.e. for 12-15 year olds. Parents are invited by the NCCA to participate in that consultation. It is vital that the voice of parents be heard.
The SPHE parent/guardian feedback survey may be found at the following link: https://forms.office.com/r/HE9KeRB8xg.
Further information, including the draft SPHE curriculum can be found at https://ncca.ie/en/junior-cycle/curriculum-developments/social-personal-and-health-education-relationships-and-sexuality-education/
Attachments –

  1. Corda Poster
  2. Laudato Si Powerpoint attached
  3. Come and See Retreat Poster
  4. Attachment containing the usual links and resources. If you can add to this list, please forward all information to me.

  If you are accessing this from the diocese website and would like to have these resources, please email dermot.cowhey@limerickdiocese.org. Also, if you have not received the September Liturgical Calendar, contact me and I will send it.

As we continue our journey in this season of creation, we conclude …


The whole earth is filled with the love of God.
     In the backwoods, the green light
is startled by blossoming white petals,
     soft pathways for the praying bird
dipping into the nectar, darting in starts
     among the tangle of bush and trees.
My giddy walk through this speckled grotto
     is drunk with the slow mugginess
of a reggae bassline, finding its melody
     in the mellow of the soft earth’s breath. (
“Shook Foil” by
Kwame Dawes)

Fós le Buíochas agus Dóchas,