Season of Creation 2019

  • September 02, 2019

The Season of Creation has a special significance for the Catholic Church, particularly since Pope Francis established 1 September as an annual World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.

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Post Primary Weekly Connect

Weekly Connect From: Dermot Cowhey

14th April, 2021:

Dear Chaplains/RE Teachers,


May I take this opportunity to welcome the full opening of schools and wish you well in your work for this term. No doubt it will be challenging but also rewarding. Easter brings with it hope and may that hope carry us all forward.


A reminder that our monthly chaplains’ meeting will take place this Thursday, 15th April at 2.30. Details to follow.

Sixth Year Graduation Meeting: A reminder also for the meeting for chaplains and teachers regarding ideas and material for graduation delivered by ERST and the Institute for Pastoral Studies (MIC). The meeting will take place on Tuesday 13th April from 7.00 to 8.30. It will be an opportunity to see what schools are doing, share ideas and seek clarification.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 883 8287 6593

Passcode: u0dEdF


As it is anticipated that this session will be heavily subscribed, I would ask that only one representative from each school attend. 


The Pope's Monthly Intentions for April, 2021:


Fundamental Rights

We pray for those who risk their lives while fighting for fundamental rights under dictatorships, authoritarian regimes and even in democracies in crisis.


Thought for the Day: We publish a ‘thought for the day’ every morning at 7am on the Diocesan Facebook page.


‘We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.’ (Abraham Lincoln)

The RTAI (The Religion Teachers’ Association of Ireland), in collaboration with the Irish Centre for Religious Education and the School of Theology, Philosophy and Music, DCU, is offering a series of evening seminars for teachers in preparation for the Leaving Certificate RE Coursework titles for 2022. For teachers who currently do not have LCRE students, the seminars could also contribute to CPD.

These seminars will give teachers the opportunity to explore in depth the four prescribed titles for Leaving Certificate Religious Education Coursework. The titles for 2022 are taken from Section E: Religion and Gender and Section I: The Bible: Literature and Sacred Text.

Each seminar will have 40-minute input followed by a conversation between the presenter and participants in which ideas for projects will be shared. The inputs will be recorded and shared with participants afterwards for use with students. The conversation will not be recorded. please register in advance with RTAI at to receive the Zoom link


14th April: Section E: Religion and Gender – Dr. Sandra Cullen

E. 1 Research the influence that the humanity of Mary, the mother of Jesus as portrayed in the Gospels, has on two religious practices which are popular within a Christian denomination today.

21st April: Section E: Religion and Gender – Dr. Sandra Cullen


Profile how insights from two of the above, on the understanding of gender, influence

the changing roles of men and women in society.

28th April: Section I: The Bible: Literature and Sacred Text – Dr. Amanda Dillon

H. 2 List A

List B

Hannah’s Song of Thanks (1 Sam 2:1‐10)

The Prologue (Jn 1:1‐18)

Israel Restored (Is 52:13‐53:12)

The Sermon on the Plain (Lk 6:20‐49)

The Ten Commandments (Ex 20:1‐21)

The Transfiguration (Mk 9:2‐13)


Liturgical calendar


21st April - Saint Anselm of Canterbury, bishop and doctor of the Church

25th April - Saint Mark the Evangelist

26th April - Our Lady of Good Counsel; Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day

29th April - Saint Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church



  1. A pdf meditation on the Gospel for the Second Sunday of Easter is attached.
  2. May your return to school be as graceful as the avian majesty attached!

(Thanks to Fr. Gerard Condon, D.A., Cloyne, for his generosity in sharing both of these.)

  1. Attachment containing the usual links and resources. If you can add to this list, please forward all information to me.


If you are accessing this from the diocese website and would like to have these resources, please email


To conclude … A Student’s Prayer


O God, it is good to be alive and here –

Though it’s hard to do all the things I want to do.

You have made the world so rich, so great, so crammed full of possibilities.

You have made it so beautiful.

I thank you for all who have given me this chance to learn,

And to get ready for life – my family, teachers and friends.


Widen my horizons, widen my sympathies and when I am finished here, let me give myself to serve you and others, in this wonderful world. Amen


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